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How we work

We provide design services ranging from initial space evaluation and concepts through to final working drawings and specifications.

The various activities involved are:

1. Assisting the clients and leasing agents in evaluating the stability of space being considered,     budgeting renovation costs and determining reasonable completion and occupancy date.

2. Examining and measuring all existing furnishings as appropriate ( This information is important     at the outset for developing accurate and workable concept plans, as well as assisting the     ultimate relocation or disposal of the furnishings)

3. Preparing and refining concept plans review with various department heads and personnel as     appropriate. Evaluating findings and finalizing concept plan.

4. Developing concept board for colors and finishes, showing carpet and flooring ( granites and     marble etc) fabrics, wall coverings paint finishes, plastic laminates, veneer, wood finishes     and key furnishing styles.

5. Preparing working drawings, which generally includes the following:
    · Cover sheet showing information and site plan.
    · Demolition plan showing wall, flooring and other materials to be removed.
    · Partition Plan, showing partition types, soundproofing and doors.
    · Furniture layout showing typical or actual furniture locations
    · Electrical plan showing outlets for power, telephone, data and equipment layout.
    · Ceiling plan, showing florescent lighting, accent lights etc. with approximate location of       certain engineering items much as fire smoke detectors, sprinklers, return air grills for AC       and security equipments .
    · Finishes plan showing location of wall colors, floor and window coverings.

6. Preparing detailed specification outlining general contractual conditions, special requirements,     finishes, hardware and other information required for tendering purposes.

7. Conducting a number of initial, interim and final site inspections, and preparing cursory site     inspection reports, change notices on site instructions as required to clarify drawings.

8. Checking and certifying all running and final bills of the various agencies involved in the     execution of the project.